Write a nursing portfolio example

Ideally, you began the portfolio as you exited nursing school. If you are creating it later in your career, it is still possible to compile a complete portfolio with some effort. Before you begin, consider the purpose of the portfolio and the ways it may help you advance your career. This will help you determine which documents to add.

Write a nursing portfolio example

Learning Activities Nursing portfolios: This article provides supportive advice and examples of how to effectively self-assess nursing practice against the competencies, especially for nurses randomly selected for a recertification audit.

By Liz Manning By - April 5, Reading this article and undertaking the learning activity is equivalent to 60 minutes of professional development. This learning activity is relevant to the Nursing Council competencies 1.

write a nursing portfolio example

Learning outcomes Reading and reflecting on this article will enable you to: Understand rationale for developing a nursing portfolio. Know how to approach a self-assessment against the competencies using everyday practice examples.

Increase familiarity with the Nursing Council of New Zealand website. Locate and review guidelines that underpin nursing practice.

Is it a PDRP? Is it a massive file of information about your practice? There are two circumstances when nurses need to present a portfolio: OR Being employed by an organisation with an approved Professional Development and Recognition Programme PDRP 8 and being required to submit a portfolio on a three-yearly cycle or wishing to apply for another level of practice.

The Act identifies responsible authorities e. NCNZ that have the role of ensuring all registered health practitioners, issued with an annual practising certificate APCare competent in their scope of practice.

The Council has the role of protecting the public by setting standards and ensuring that nurses are competent to practise under the Act. Each year the Council randomly selects five per cent of practising nurses for a recertification audit Then the NCNZ recertification audit is asking you to provide validated evidence for those ticks.

Filling a portfolio does not need to be a linear process. Start with the items you already have. Write about your everyday practice, in your own words. What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a standardised way of storing information that describes your competence to practice.

Only include the items requested, keep it simple. Three forms of verified evidence are required: Record of practice hours. Record of professional development hours. Assessment against the competencies Self-assessment Senior nurse or peer review Check the NCNZ website for templates7, 14, 15 and information.

If you cannot meet one or more of the requirements, contact the NCNZ to explain your situation and they will advise you what to do.How to Write a Resume. Don't know the basics? Learn from this comprehensive guide.

Make it Attractive

Leave questions in the comments and we'll respond within a day. Make it Attractive. Your nursing portfolio is a supplement to your resume.

While your resume contains the nuts and bolts of your experience, your portfolio is a detailed . A personal e-Portfolio to store and save CPD and revalidation evidence Online learning units on fundamental aspects of nursing care Nursing news and analysis and customised email alerts. A professional nursing portfolio outlines your entire nursing career.

Pre-Licensure Program

Ideally, you began the portfolio as you exited nursing school. If you are creating it later in your career, it is still possible to compile a complete portfolio with some effort. The Travel Nursing Central website provides a comprehensive resource for international travel nursing.

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