Women in corrections

Nakeshia Mitchell loves her job. Mitchell had originally wanted to be a police officer and was told that corrections was the first step in reaching that goal.

Women in corrections

What Women Bring to Corrections Contrary to what some people think, their presence enhances security and operations. April 25, A corrections officer writes in a clip board as she walks past rows of beds. Kenny Havard at a recent hearing at the state Capitol, stung me, and I am sure thousands of other women corrections professionals reacted the same way.

However, and more importantly, it reminded me that in spite of the progress women have made in corrections, we still have work to do.

Which comes first, brains or brawn?

The irony was not lost on me that such a statement was made in March, during National Women's History month. As the executive deputy secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and president of the national Association of Women Executives in Corrections AWECI am shocked by the commenter's inaccurate perception of women in the corrections field.

AWEC and most of our male counterparts, who are true professionals, recognize, value and appreciate what women bring to the table.

Women in corrections

We firmly believe that the presence of women enhances the safety, operations, communication and security within corrections' organizational culture and that the field is strengthened by women and men working together within the professional norms of our society and culture.

How can it be that in we still have lawmakers so ill-informed about the growing role that women play in the field of criminal justice? In Pennsylvania, 25 percent of our corrections staff, 29 percent of our managers and 40 percent of our superintendents are female, and Gov. Tom Wolf, like many of his counterparts in other states, is working to increase those numbers.

There's plenty of agreement, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, that it should be your ability, not your anatomy, that determines your destiny.

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There's a better reason to raise wages: Pay equity is needed for women, who continue to demonstrate the value of their leadership in the corrections field not only by their ideas but also by their ability to deal more effectively with potentially violent situations.

To someone who says they would rather have men respond to a prison fight than women, my response is this: If you had women working in that situation you may not have had a fight in the first place, because women are generally more skilled at de-escalating tensions before they boil over.

Indeed, research has shown that women working behind the fence have a positive impact on reducing violence in prison. It's time for non-believers to wake up.

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What a slap in the face to all of the women who serve as corrections officers, non-uniform staff, prison superintendents and department administrators, and especially to the women who have lost their lives in the line of duty to serve and protect the public.

We would do well to acknowledge that there are no gender lines when we all serve in support of a common mission. So, thank you, Rep. Havard, for reminding us that we still have work to do. I suggest you spend a day inside a prison with one of your brave public servants protecting the citizens of Louisiana -- and make it a female.Sep 01,  · Learn what's involved as a woman in a correctional officer role, and how rewarding it is.

As early as , women made up 23 percent of the nation’s prison warden and superintendents and 32 percent of juvenile facility administrators. So, it is clear women make up a significant percentage of the corrections workforce – and their numbers are increasing.

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The Women in Corrections topic provides news, articles, and tactical tips to help female corrections staff. There was a time that a female CO was a rarity among the ranks, but today thousands of.

The first, from the World Health Organization (WHO), is entitled Women’s Health in Prisons: Correcting Gender Inequity in Prison Health and involved women’s prisons in Europe as well as the United States. NCI Women in Corrections Committee Aids in the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

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2 Women Professionals in Corrections: A Growing Asset pool which, in times of increasing demand, should be viewed as an excellent source of skilled workers and.

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