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These physical symptoms can result in: Inability to concentrate Inability to understand what you are reading on the exam Inability to organize your thoughts in order to answer the questions Inability to remember subjects even though you have studied them thoroughly If you are frustrated and debilitated by test anxiety, you might feel as if you will Study pal be able to overcome it.

As a result, you might feel that you are unable to achieve your life or career goals. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome this issue. By making use of these techniques, tips and lifestyle changes, you will find yourself well on the way to overcoming test anxiety and reaching your full potential.

Sources of Test Anxiety Text anxiety can stem from various causes. One of the most common of these is simply a lack of preparation. If you know you have studied thoroughly and efficiently yet still face debilitating test anxiety on exam day, the condition could be brought on by other factors.

One major source of test anxiety is brought on when past experience begins to overwhelm present experience. Bad testing experiences in the past build upon one another, until you become convinced that you cannot take a test successfully.

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Almost as if it were a conditioned response, the sight of a test paper causes you to become anxious, upset or even nauseated. Your mind goes blank and you cannot recall answers, even if you studied them thoroughly.

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Another source of test anxiety can come from comparing yourself to others. If classmates seem to be having an easier time grasping the course material, you might see this as a shortcoming on your part and start to feel as if you will never be able to master the material and pass upcoming tests.

Again, a level of frustration sets in that can lead to the same kind of downward spiral. Dealing with the Sources of Test Anxiety Both these sources of test anxiety have something in common: They originate from external causes.

You may have bad past experiences with testing, but you cannot know for sure that you will have the same bad experience in the future. You assume that others are having less difficulty learning the material than you are, but you could be mistaken.

Your classmates might be battling the same difficulties you are. The best way to deal with these sources of test anxiety is to focus on the present and have confidence in yourself.

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