Should kids be bribed

While many such statements are banal, some are worth noticing because in our school practices and policies we tend to ignore the implications that follow from them. Here are 10 examples. Much of the material students are required to memorize is soon forgotten The truth of this statement will be conceded either willingly or reluctantly by just about everyone who has spent time in school — in other words, all of us.

Should kids be bribed

Our kids have no desire to learn, so we have to pay them? Maybe it's what's happening in the classroom and at home that kids don't want to learn. Was that what motivated me?

I really don't think so. That was more of a bonus. I actually think being allowed to stay up to watch "Bewitched" or an ice-cream sundae Jamie Oliver would not like this were stronger motivations.

But they still counted as bribery. Then I recalled one of the techniques used by Rafe Esquith, a past Teacher of the Year and Oprah honor recipient, in the fabulous documentary, The Hobart Shakespeareansand it was unequivocally a form of bribery: It not only worked as an incentive but taught kids the value of how quickly money can go and to learn the value of delayed gratification.

Should kids be bribed

I highly recommend this documentary to parents and teachers. From the Time article, here in a Should kids be bribed is the sense of ire from parents and educators about paying kids to learn: I have not met a child who does not admire this trend.

But it makes adults profoundly uncomfortable. Teachers complain that we are rewarding kids for doing what they should be doing of their own volition.

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Psychologists warn that money can actually make kids perform worse by cheapening the act of learning. Parents predict widespread slacking after the incentives go away. And at least one think-tank scholar has denounced the strategy as racist.

The debate has become a proxy battle for the larger war over why our kids are not learning at the rate they should be despite decades of reforms and budget increases. I never said it was going to solve all education problems. I just thought it deserved to be tested. Here are the money quotes pun intended: Recognition, like punishment, works best if it happens quickly.

Should kids be bribed

Just like grownups, kids need different kinds of incentives to get through the day, some highbrow and some low, some short-term, some longer-term. And money and other external rewards can be a gateway to more substantive motivators. KIPP fifth-graders get a lot of prizes like pencils; high school kids can earn freedoms -- like the privilege of listening to their iPods at lunch.

We have to meet them where they are. Fryer believes there's more good research to be done on incentives.

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But he doesn't think incentives alone can fix our schools; he is increasingly convinced that the answer will involve a combination of reforms and that the interaction among those reforms will matter more than any single change in isolation.

And whatever we do, he says, we have to test it first -- and fearlessly. Interestingly, the two places Fryer's experiment worked best were the ones where kids got feedback fast -- through biweekly paychecks in Washington and through passing computerized quizzes in Dallas.

Highly recommended Time magazine article link here. Watch Colbert's questioning about copying homework in the video Sound familiar? Despite the obvious risks to his banking career, the executive, who's been in the industry for more than 20 years, says he can't bear to keep quiet any longer: The executive, who currently works in a management role at a U.“Well, Duh!” — Ten Obvious Truths That We Shouldn’t Be Ignoring.

By Alfie Kohn.

Should Kids Be Paid (Bribed) For Good Grades?

The field of education bubbles over with controversies. It’s not unusual for intelligent people of good will to disagree passionately about what should happen in schools.

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