Shannon and weaver model essays for sat

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Shannon and weaver model essays for sat

Free essays You are here: In fact, the family is the major social institution which inevitably affects the life of any individual. Normally, people spend a considerable part of their life within their family. Another part of the life is traditionally spent at work, where people also need to communicate with co-workers, administration, clients and other people.

At the same time, in any situation the effectiveness of communication is of a paramount importance. Communication helps people to maintain normal relations both in family and at work. In this respect, it should be said that the process of communication is really complicated and, what is more important, it cannot be stable and unchanging.

In fact, the process of communication is changing. Communication changes in the result of the change in relationships between people.

shannon and weaver model essays for sat

Consequently, to develop an effective model of communication, it is necessary to take into consideration possible changes in the process of communication and in the personal style of communication.

In other words, an individual should modify his traditional style of communication in order to adapt it to the changing conditions and process of communication in the family and social environment. In such a situation, the model of family communication and worker intervention developed by Virginia Satir, which analyzed and researched in details the problem of change of the family communication and worker intervention, may be very helpful in understanding the process of communication at large and the process of its change in particular.

On analyzing both models, it should be said that the model developed by Virginia Satir is more effective, especially in the work with families, while the model developed by Shannon and Weaver is less effective.

The major reason for such a conclusion is the fact that the transmission model of communication is rather universal and it does not really take into consideration specific characteristics of the family.

Moreover, the transmission model of communication seems to be too simple to fully reflect the complexity of relationships existing within the family. In stark contrast, Virginia Satir model is more effective because it is focused specifically on the problem of communication within the family.

What is more important, this model focuses not only on the problem of communication and its change but also on the feelings, emotions and psychological changes that take place within the family at each of the stages of the change in the communication model.

In such a way, it is possible to better understand the significance and essence of each stage and, judging from the psychological state of members of the family, it is possible to make a definite conclusion concerning the concrete stage of the change in the communication model that takes place in the family in accordance with Virginia Satir model.

On applying this stage in the work with families, it should be said that when the stage of the change of the model of communication is identified it is possible to help the family to overcome the existing problems faster and easier.

For instance, at the late status quo stage it is possible to encourage people to seek improvement information and concept outside group to get ready to the possible conflict and necessity of change. At the resistance stage, it is possible to help people to open up, become aware, and overcome the reaction to deny, avoid or blame.

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Furthermore, at the stage of chaos it is possible to help people build safe environment and focus on their feelings assisting minimize their fears caused by the change in the communication process.

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