Physician and doctor essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. To help these ill people they need to be treated by a doctor. In some circumstances you might even need a specialist for certain surgeries or even different treatments.

Physician and doctor essay

Additional Information The Differences Between a Nurse and a Doctor Both doctors and nurses are obviously important to the medical industry.

Physician and doctor essay

One provides opinions and diagnosis while the other offers aid and physical treatment. In short, they are both complementary factors to what makes a medical facility operate smoothly.

Thus, comparisons made between nurses and doctors are to be made carefully. To say that a nurse is at a level lower than that of doctors is not accurate as there are multiple positions within the nursing vocation.


It is the same for doctors as well. There are staff nurses, who are also known as licensed practical nursesregistered nursesadministrative nurses, head nurses and advanced practice nurseswho are allowed to make prescriptions like doctors.

Doctors who usually lead the pack when it comes to a routine medical treatment can also be differentiated to primary care doctors or general practitionersdentists, surgeons, and specialists of various departments in healthcare.

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In hospitals, nurses are the limbs while doctors are the eyes and brains. Nurses conduct every form of activity from seemingly minor needs like changing the bed sheets and fixing meals, to drawing blood and handling medical equipment and machinery.

They take the bigger share of the tasks, whilst doctors take the bigger portion of the responsibilities and decision making.

As for which job is tougher to handle, the answer will always be subjective. Apart from that, doctors are limited to their specialized field whereas nurses are able to work across several wards or units depending on their job descriptions.

Doctors need to be specialized in order to fully assess the roots of an illness or a problem.

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For nurses, their specialty is more task-oriented and patient-oriented. In addition, nurses enjoy a closer relationship with their patients as compared to doctors since they have more direct contact with them. Doctors also have a constant need to detach themselves emotionally from a patient so as to be able to continue with their work.

As a result, patients will often times identify better with nurses than with doctors, usually showing their preference by the form of the co-operation they offer. On top of that, doctors need to read a lot and thus take a longer time to acquire new and accurate knowledge whereas nurses rely more on their experience to provide the best treatment possible.

This is not to say that nurses do not study and advance in terms of education levels. Therefore, the more education a nurse receives, the better the chances of gaining better income levels.

This sometimes brings an overlap of authority that becomes a source of disputes between doctors and nurses. However, when priorities collide, doctors may need to succumb to the authority figures of Head Nurses or Head Units since the latter group has managerial control over a specific ward, floor or unit.

The same authority overlap problem also occurs when new practicing doctors first join a medical facility.

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One of the greatest differences between nurses and doctors is salary. Nurses have one of the most diverse salary ranges since there are many different levels within the nursing profession. Doctors with higher pays usually get higher respect and a higher societal status for being a walking encyclopedia whereas nurses who go about making life easier for the patients may not get quite the amount of respect they deserve.

Of all the differences between nurses and doctors, this glaring disparity is one that has been around for ages and will continue to be a part of the medical profession for years to come.

Physician and doctor essay

Search for a nursing degree now 1. Choose a degree level:The program, though in its infancy at the time, provided an easy and rather streamlined entryway into the clinical realm: some paperwork and patient privacy training; at least four shadowing sessions with an assigned physician mentor; and a reflective essay at the end.

Discusses the ethical obligations involved with the physician-patient relationship, including tips for communication and student concerns. Includes cases with discussion and references.

The state of Hawaii has become the latest jurisdiction in the United States to legalize physician-assisted suicide. The Hawaii governor just signed legislation sent to him by Hawaii’s House of Representatives and State Senate that authorizes physician-assisted suicide in the state, effective.

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On Being a Doctor | 1 May Note: The names used in this essay are fictitious. They do not reveal the identities of the men involved. So I tried to sleep more, fret less, and be a more compassionate physician, now adding a question about harassment to my assessment of all vulnerable patients.

Aug 21,  · While some physicians and consumer advocates applauded the journal for shining a light on abhorrent behaviors, some doctors, mostly obstetrician-gynecologists who felt singled out by the essay, have criticized its publication, calling it inflammatory, unsubstantiated and sensationalistic.

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