Personal fitness reflection

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Personal fitness reflection

Reflections On Exercise And Fitness I have been fortunate in that I have always been reasonably healthy and fit for as long as I can remember. I was also born thin and grew up thin. I was probably close to being the lightest person in my class throughout my school years.

I never gave a second thought to my fitness through most of my first 25 years of life. I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and my main problem was trying to put on weight, not trying to lose it.

Most of my exercise during the first 25 years of my life came pretty much without my giving any conscious thought to getting exercise or sticking to an exercise or fitness regimen. When I was a child and even through my teen years, I remember playing outdoors a lot with my friends.

We were always running around and playing various games all the way from tag, soccer, cricket, etc.

Personal fitness reflection

In those days, computers were not part of my life at all. Personal computing was pretty much unheard of.

Personal fitness reflection

The internet was undreamt of. My family did not own a television until I was almost in college. So, whenever I was not reading a book or writing a homework assignment or studying for an exam or something like that, I was playing, either indoors or outdoors. Since the weather is usually quite hot during the day where I went to school, playing outdoors was quite a tiring ordeal.

It was a lot of fun, but it kept the calories flowing out with minimal internal accumulation as fat. During my last two years in school, I picked up ping pong, and it soon became my favorite sport.

First of all, it required only two people to play. Since my brother was also a ping pong player, I had ready access to a playing partner. The school provided good facilities for playing ping pong, including professional quality tables. Our expenses were limited to the occasional 6-pack of ping pong balls.

My love affair with ping pong continued on into my college years. My college hostel had a nice rec-room with 2 or 3 ping pong tables. I had several hostel-mates who were interested in playing ping pong, so there was no shortage of partners either. Ping pong might seem like a sedate sport that does not provide much exercise, but actually it is quite an active sport once you get past the beginner stage.

In any case, when you play the sport for 3 hours a day or more, 2 things happen: Second, even if all you do is stand around doing nothing for 3 hours a day, you get more of a workout than most people who spend their days seated except to get from one place to another do.

My years of playing sports did have a good impact not only on my level of fitness, but also on my overall hand-eye coordination. Good hand-eye coordination, I have noticed, translates pretty well into various other day-to-day activities, particularly driving.

I can usually tell by the way a person drives whether they are used to playing sports or not. To me, driving is a game: And by successively putting your car closer and closer to your destination, you get there eventually. After I came to the US, I was disappointed that ping pong was not as big here as it was in college.

Ping pong tables were hard to come by and good partners were even rarer. One of my seniors in graduate school introduced me to basketball at that time. And for as long as I was in graduate school, that became my dominant sport.

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Basketball is a sport best learnt young. I had never played basketball until I got into graduate school. I played it with my friends for almost 6 years. The only charitable way to describe my game at the end of those 6 years was to say that I sucked!

All the hand-eye coordination I had could not get me dribbling the ball more than a few steps with my left hand.CashCourse® is a free, online noncommercial financial literacy resource for colleges and universities, created by the nonprofit National Endowment for Financial Education®.

The program provides customizable, interactive personal finance tools used at more . A Reflection on a Personal Fitness Program PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: personal goals, personal fitness program, fitness progress. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

Exactly what I needed. - . By: Taylor White Personal Fitness Reflection Fitness Tests On the days where i started my day with a big healthy breakfast full of protein and real foods i felt more energized and alert and it carried through the rest of the day, i also ate less throughout the day because i still felt full.

Health Fitness and Wellness Reflection/Assessment Definitions of Health and Fitness?

Health is a complete state of the physical, social, and mental condition that you are in (well being).

It usually means being free from injuries, illness or pain and keeping a healthy diet.

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I never gave a second thought to my fitness through most of my first 25 years of life. I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and my main problem was trying to put on weight, not trying to lose it.

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