League of nation essay

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League of nation essay

While initially successful, the League could not halt the aggression that culminated with World War II —and the organization officially ceased to exist in April The idea of a League of Nations was raised by American president Woodrow Wilson in his Fourteen Points for Peace, which were proposed before a joint session of Congress on January 8, The proposal to create a League of Nations was agreed to, and the organization was established by Part I of the Treaty.

On June 28,forty-four nationstates signed the covenant creating the League of Nations.

League of nation essay

The League would have three objectives: However, he was opposed by Republicans in the U. Borah of Idahowho believed that joining the League would threaten American sovereignty.

Facing opposition in the Senate, League of nation essay attempted to rally public opinion by going on a national speaking tour, traveling eight thousand miles 12, kilometers in twenty-two days and giving thirty-eight speeches.

He experienced bad headaches and collapsed in Pueblo, Colorado. His train took him back to Washington, where he suffered a stroke that left the left side of his face and body paralyzed. Senator Lodge proposed ratification of the Treaty but demanded the inclusion of reservations that he believed would preserve American sovereignty.

Wilson refused, claiming that ratification by the Senate with conditions would be repudiating what each nation had signed. If the United States demanded changes, then why could not the Germans also? Wilson asked his supporters to vote against ratification with reservations, and the Treaty was never ratified by the United States.

On January 16,President Wilson formally convened the Council of the League in Paris in accordance with the League provision for the summoning of the first council and assembly by the president of the United States. It would be the last official participation by the United States in the League of Nations.

The League, which the United States was expected to lead, lost much of its credibility without the American power. The first meeting of the General Assembly convened in the Palais Wilson on November 15,with forty-one nations taking part.

Eventually, assembly meetings would be held in the Batiment Electoral in Geneva, with meetings of the council being held at Palais Wilson. Inthe League moved into the Palais des Nations. Membership in the League fluctuated, with the high point reached between September 28,and February 23,when fifty-eight nations participated in the organization.

Germany was originally barred from the League because it had been deemed, by the Versailles Treaty, as the aggressor in World War I; it was allowed to join in Costa Rica —Brazil —Japan —Germany —Haiti —and Luxembourg — all withdrew from the League.

The Soviet Union, which had been prohibited from joining the League because of the Bolshevik takeover, was admitted in In Decemberthe Soviet Union was expelled for aggression against Finland. In its early years, the League successfully mediated a number of border disputes that had not been settled by the Treaty of Versailles or by the San Remo Conference of April The settlement of the dispute between Sweden and Finland over the Aland Islands was the first international agreement made through the League.

However, the League would suffer a number of failures that would eventually lead to its demise. The collective security functions of the League, which should have been mobilized during the Manchurian and Abyssinian crises, were not because the United Kingdom and France were unwilling to go to war.

League of nation essay

The final meeting of the League Assembly was held in April in Geneva for the purpose of dissolving the organization and liquidating its assets. The League ceased to exist on April 20, Organizational Structure The League of Nations had four principal organs: The League secretariat was the administrative arm of the organization, responsible for preparing the agendas for the council and assembly and publishing reports of meetings.

The secretary-general headed the secretariat, and the British diplomat James Eric Drummond was the first secretary, serving until June He was replaced by Joseph Louis Anne Avenol, a French diplomat who had served as under-secretary-general at the Paris Peace Conference it had been agreed that the first secretary-general would be British and that he would be succeeded by a French national.

Sean Lester, an Irish diplomat, succeeded Avenol and served as the last secretary-general from August 31,to April 18, The assembly, which met annually in Geneva each September, was composed of three delegates from each member-state. The League council was to consist of the five Allied powers that won the war, but without the United States this became Britain, France, Italy, and Japan.

Four other nations were elected by the assembly for a three-year term on the council. Initially, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, and Greece were selected. In later years, the number of nonpermanent members would vary.

Inthe number was increased from four to six.

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In the number was increased to nine. When Germany joined the League in it became a fifth permanent member of the council giving the body a total of fourteen members.WSU's College of Applied Studies students combine their classroom learning with real-world experience in a wide range of settings—from Wichita Public Schools and Major League Baseball to Walt Disney World—equipping them with a professional resume and important contacts in their chosen fields.

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The Nation also promotes racial unity and self-help and maintains a strict code of discipline among members. - The Failure of the League of Nations In this essay I am going to explain whether I agree or disagree with the following statement: 'The league failed in the 's simply because it faced greater challenges .

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The League of Nations: effects of the absence of major powers, the principles of collective responsibility, and early attempts at peacekeeping ().

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