Initial phase plan on project sony

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Initial phase plan on project sony

Its executive agency status was removed and the agency was split into two new organisations; UK Visas and Immigration which focusses on the Initial phase plan on project sony system and Immigration Enforcement which focusses on immigration law enforcement. The UK Border Agency has a staff of 23, people located in over countries.

Overseas staff vetted visa applications and operated an intelligence and liaison network, acting as the first layer of border control for the UK. The organisation operated as the single force at the border for the UK.

Challenges and issues that the customer faced Faced with an expanding portfolio of buildings and the amalgamation of the UK border force and the customs teams, Universal were approached to design and implement a program that brought the access control systems for both organisations onto a single platform across the UK and Europe.

The need was for an integrator to expand and upgrade existing systems and infrastructure. Additionally to this, the 82 sites in the UK and Europe had many disparate and legacy systems that were being used to control border crossings.

These also had to be included within the framework of activity. Systems needed to run on existing IT infrastructure.

Universal employs network qualified engineers who were able to interact with the in-house teams to resolve difficulties as they surfaced.

Legacy equipment no longer in production or supported by manufacturers. Universal designed and built interface boxes to ensure old equipment worked seamlessly with new technologies. A number of key areas needed to remain operational, such as control rooms, during the migration Universal implemented a staged migration that reduced and minimised downtime where the two systems were run concurrently until the legacy had been phased out.

Solutions provided by Universal During a consultation period Universal recognised the need for key communications and developed a clear understanding of how UKBA operated, the different needs of immigration and customs and of course the inherent sensitivity of the working environment.

Universal assigned a dedicated management and installation team 14 people to the project and commenced the first phase of works to rollout integrated access control across the European ports and hub sites in France and Belgium.

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In identifying the challenges, a bilingual project manager was bought into the project team to ensure clear communications and liaison with local stakeholders and authorities.

The second phase focused on the 40 UK sites where many different systems were migrated and then integrated together onto a common platform whilst providing a networked solution to the system control centre.

Results the customer gained Integration and control of the systems was challenging as there was no existing infrastructure. The technology employed was the enterprise level Honeywell system with upgraded server hardware, software and built in redundancy creating a truly managed enterprise environment.

The video management systems enhanced the integration of the sites and provided the security teams with centralised and closely managed control and the ability to switch systems into a support or disaster recovery environments as needs arise.

The IP systems deployed give UKBA the benefits of centrally managed solutions whilst providing essential audit and evidential support information. The fast delivery program meant the benefits were almost immediately evident. Centralised card administration also enabled restriction of staff movement to ensure that the right people had access into secure areas.

The ability to audit and produce detailed reporting further enhanced delivery to senior management and ensured compliance to policy and statute law.

List of systems and manufacturers installed: Its mission is to maintain the stability of the EC dollar and the integrity of the banking system in order to facilitate the balanced growth and development of member states.

The bank wanted these systems to have a level of integration with some automated actions in the event of personal alarms from key areas of the site. Challenges and issues that the customer faced High security installation Multi building installation with six separate control positions Minimum down time of cameras maintaining coverage of perimeter fence line Six week programme Complete re — cable of site required Pre-planning due to time scales and phased deliveries Phased installation to maintain old and new systems operation simultaneously In addition to these challenges there was also a specific requirement of the bank to be able to follow a delivery from the bank to the airport over a mile away.

The bank also had a requirement to keep and integrate a search light and thermal FLIR camera. Both of these systems included a redundant failover solution for the servers. A new server and hardware platform along with a network infrastructure which was designed for these systems.

The bank fence line had an existing beam perimeter, which was utilised and then Universal pulled all the cameras back to the roof of the bank. Cure system into the Genetec Video Management Systems.

Any events at the perimeter were created when the beam was tripped and this would result in the two most local cameras being zoomed into the alarm area. There were two control rooms each having a display wall.

Initial phase plan on project sony

During the installation, it was also decided that the bank would also upgrade the Intercom System. For this purpose we quickly designed and specified an IP Intercom from Commend. This included three call points with IP cameras and three guard stations.

The bank also asked for the calls to all go to one call point during the day and then escalate during the evening to other guard stations. As an added extra feature Universal configured integration to the access control for the convenience of automating the barriers from remote locations.

Results the customer gained The installation on this site went extremely well. The bank had decided that they would cable themselves leaving the second fix to Universal.

Initial phase plan on project sony

This meant Universal only had a six week window to complete this work. Our attention to detail needed to be exact with even the right screws, plugs and drill bits to be sourced due to the metric and imperial differences.A project plan, project charter and/or project scope may be put in writing, outlining the work to be performed.

During this phase, a team should prioritize the project, calculate a budget and schedule, and determine what resources are needed. Back to Home-Built DPSS Laser Sub-Table of Contents. Basic Home-Built DPSS Laser Information Introduction to Home-Built DPSS Laser Constructing a Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser at home is becoming an increasingly attractive project as the availability of the major components increases and their price drops to affordable levels.

After the project plan (which was developed in the initiation phase) has been approved, the project enters the second phase: the definition phase. In this phase, the requirements that are associated with a project result are specified as clearly as possible.

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