Information systems course reflection essay

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Information systems course reflection essay

Download this Term Paper in word format. Information technology transforms healthcare services. However, the integration of information technology into existing healthcare systems has been challenging.

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This course has helped me to understand how healthcare workers and their organizations can better utilize healthcare informatics, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and public health.

Similarly, this course has illuminated specific pathways to success. Nurse leaders need to take concrete steps towards advocating for improved information technology integration, transforming organizational cultures, practices, and procedures.

Ultimately, this course helps show how nurses can become active in healthcare policy analysis.

Information systems course reflection essay

The core competencies gained in this course have been related to the theoretical and practical concerns related to informatics and information technology. Secondary competencies include greater awareness of health disparities and other population health issuesand how technology can help reduce those disparities and problems.

We learned about existing laws and regulations related to healthcare informatics, coming to terms with issues like privacy, confidentiality, and data security.

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The ethical concerns linked to healthcare informatics and other medical technologies need to be thoughtfully and carefully resolved, balancing the needs for a more efficient and integrated healthcare system with the needs for protecting patient information.

Ultimately, information technologies have the potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce medical errors Burwell, Integrating technology into practice requires administrative and legislative supports.

This course has helped clarify reasons for resistance to change, and resistance to adapting new technologies. Fear of the negative consequences of healthcare technologies should not override the tremendous benefits of the tools that can improve public health outcomes and ensure continuity of care across multiple spectrums.

As Burwell also points out, healthcare information technology also improves cost savings and creates higher value care. Information technology and telemedicine methods streamline administrative procedures.

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Therefore, this course has demonstrated ways of pitching new technologies to hospital administrators. Especially as patient populations may be more mobile than ever before, integrated health information systems are becoming critical for effective delivery of care.

Although we did not learn how to code our own health information software or databases, we did learn the key concepts behind database design to help us better understand how these systems are employed.

Understanding the technologies that are already on the market will help us to make critical decisions regarding how to best….Home Essays Reflection on Healthcare Reflection on Healthcare Technologies Prior to enrolling in this course my concept of nursing informatics was rather limited.

. Use of the internet, tele-health and other clinical health information systems have allowed patients to take control of their health while offering a number of benefits.

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