Gang violence essay conclusion

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Gang violence essay conclusion

Effort have been made to keep kids off the streets around the around the gangs, but these gangs have found their way into schools and communities across the country. It is our job as American citizens to do more to keep kids safe; away from the violence, drugs, and crime that result from gang activity.

Most street gangs that the youth are being recruited by started in urban areas where poverty and poor living conditions were present. However, this has changed in more recent times.

Gang activity is popping up in all environments. There is gang presence in all fifty states in urban, suburban, and even the most rural communities Tsou. These gangs will stop at nothing to get the money they desire.

When these kids are recruited, they see that there is money coming in, so they see it as an opportunity to help their struggling families. The gangs offer them protection and money, which is an offer many of these kids are willing to take. Unfortunately these incentives are not guarantees.

These children end up being forced to commit every type of crime out there and are often caught in the middle of these violent activities. If they do leave, both the kids and their families instantly become targets of the gang they were affiliated with Sex, Money, Murder.

This causes them to not leave the gangs and eventually, they end up in prison, addicted to drugs, severely injured, or even dead Gangs. There will always be violence in our society, but it is up to us to keep Gang violence essay conclusion out of the line of fire.

Everyday innocent kids and families are affected by these gang activities across the countries. I believe that those who live in places where youth and gang violence is an issue already know what the root causes of these activities are.

However, those outside the circle of violence might be less aware of the causes. The first picture is that of a little girl standing next to a picture of her sixteen year old brother, Derrion Albert. He was killed due to a gang related act Fraser.

The second graphic does a great job at saying what happens and why it happens with just a few words. It is a good outline for those that want to help, because it shows them exactly what needs to be taken care of in order to slow down the violence.

An even better thing is the fact that the design was created by a girl that goes to a school where this gang violence is quite prevalent. The other part of my visual argument is the quote by politician, Matt Gonzales.

In his statement, he says that because these kids do not have the opportunities and resources as others, they resort to these gang related activities. It is up to society to assist these kids and their families to get them out of the situation where they feel obligated to start their criminal acts.

To make it more visual, I bolded the words: Like I said before, I knew this topic could use pathos to get to the heart of those who come across this site. I believe that if someone took note to what was said, even without the visual aide, people would start thinking more about gang activity and society.

However, when they first see the pictures and the quotes, it will hit them even harder. The picture of the little girl says it all.

Causes of gang violence essays

With a somber look on her face, even that little girl understands that the killings need to stop. I chose the quote because I feel like it uses logos to attract the attention of viewers. I made the font all red, because it is the color that is most often associated with evil and violence.

I also bolded a few words; which instantly brings up the terms youth violence, opportunity, society, and failed. Based off this typology, I do not think it would take much thinking to put the terms together and realize exactly what is wrong with society at as whole.

Finally, the picture created by the middle school girl, I believe uses ethos, pathos, and logos. Although I did not create the picture myself, I believe everything it says is true.

I have not ever been directly affected by gang violence, but I know people who have, and it destroys lives of those affected by it. It is very straight forward by saying what exactly happens as a result of youth involvement and why these kids might get into the situation in the first place.

This image also uses three colors: These make the image seem very serious, because it is a dark subject. The most difficult part of this process was to find a way to get the point across without being too graphic. A lot of the images and facts out there are pretty gruesome.

Even though some people could handle it, I feel like having a picture of a dead body might be prevent people from staying on the page and seeing the message of the visual arguments.

Gang violence essay conclusion

I think the way I used typography to make my quote stand out was a unique aspect of mine.Gang violence in prison essays about life war began essay prose essay meaning of life little strokes fell great oaks essay writing cavanaugh flight museum review essay, conclusion for a persuasive essay summary response essay conclusion 22h22 ariane moffatt critique essay dissertationen online tumi 6 stufen methode nach refa beispiel essay.

Published: Tue, 02 May The term ‘Terrorism’ is hard to define. There is no official definition of terrorism agreed on through the world.

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Definitions tend to rely heavily on who is doing the defining and for what purpose. Gang Violence Essay - Gangs are made up of a big “family”, which includes men, woman, and children. Children as young as seven or nine years old have been recruited in the gang. Gang member join gangs for many reasons such as protection.

Gang violence essay conclusions

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Gang violence essay conclusion

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