Comparing the crucible and frankenstein

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Comparing the crucible and frankenstein

If you are in Year 12 inyou will be assessed under the old study design, which will be the same as what you have done in Year 11 so this guide will not apply to you! So all these percentages pertain to their individual categories. Reading and Creating Texts.

Area of Study 2: Unit 4 Area of Study 1: Reading and Comparing Texts.


Unit 3 Area of Study 1: Reading and Creating Texts In Year 12, your school will choose two texts from List 1 of the official set texts, and you will write on both of them within this Area of Study.

You may be lucky enough to choose which is which, but you may find your school makes that decision for you.

For this task, you will have to write on a different text from the one selected in your Analytical Text Response, and the final product will be in some kind of imaginative style e.

There are various strategies for doing this, but more on that later. In terms of your actual piece, you can choose to recreate, rework, or extend the text by creating a companion piece consistent with the style and concerns of the original text.

This means there can be connections in your subject matter i. OR connections based on the language and form i. But if all you do is write a story that uses the green light in this exact same context e. And left it there.

That would be dumb, right Gatsby? Instead, aim to do something more impressive; take an idea in the text you find interesting and put it into a different context. Consider how you might expand upon it and take it a step further. Purely in terms of the form and style you choose, you have four main options: Then, for the Written Explanation, you will make all these choices obvious by explaining yourself.

Your best bet for this piece of assessment is to consult your teacher! You will complete this task using material that has been printed in the Australian media since September 1st of the previous year, meaning it will be based on a fairly topical news story or current affair concern.

Much like the Analytical Text Response task, you can read through the current resources and sample essays to get some idea of what this is all about.

And, again like Text Response, this task will also be a part of your end of year examination. The Language Analysis material in the exam will be compiled by the assessors specifically for the exam, so it will be a totally original, totally unseen collection of written and visual language to discuss.

This has been a trend over the past couple of years in English. Also note that comparative material is possible and very, very likely, so be prepared to deal with multiple written pieces by different authors with different contentions in both your SAC and the exam.

Since the Text Response and Language Analysis pieces are already done, all you have left is the Comparative Essay, which is part of Unit 4. The first and biggest of these is the Comparative Text Essay.

All you need to know for now is that each of these pairs has a great deal of overlap in terms of their subject matter and thematic messages. Either way, you will be writing an analytical essay that should be making frequent comparisons and contrasts between your two texts. An essay that has four body paragraphs i.

Comparing the crucible and frankenstein

Instead, aim to compare as you go by incorporating a bit of each text in each paragraph. Similar unofficial rules will apply here to the Language Analysis task in that the spread of your analysis should reflect the spread of the material.

Likewise, you must aim to strike a balance here for the Comparative Essay. This can broadly be divided into three sections: The primary goal here is to write persuasively both in terms of the presentation of your ideas, and the words you choose to express them.

You will need to select a clear and concise contention which will be the basis of your argument, and you should then construct a series of sub-arguments and points which revolve around that core point of view.

You want your piece to be logical, and believable — that way, half of your persuasion work has already been done. When writing your piece, try to avoid writing an essay.Nov 02,  · How do i start a comparing and contrasting essay about abigail williams and elizabeth proctor in the crucible?

compare abigail and elizabeth from the crucible? More questions. The love triangle between Elizabeth-John-Abigail in the "Crucible" by arthur miller? A question on the play The Crucible?!? Let say Frankenstein s Status: Resolved. Frankenstein Symbolism of “Frankenstein” by Mary W.

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