Civil war unit test essay

Lesson Plan Key Points: He was known for holding strong against Confederate pressures. Lee was the General-in-chief of the Confederate Army. He is best known for his offensive into the North and his leadership at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Civil war unit test essay

The s had seen enormous growth in the railroad industry so that by22, miles of track had been laid in the Northern states and 9, miles in the South.

The great rail centers in the South were Chattanooga, Atlanta, and most important, Richmond. Very little track had yet been laid west of the Mississippi. Wars have always been fought to control supply centers and road junctions, but the Confederate government was slow to recognize the importance of the railroads in the conflict.

By Septemberthe Southern railroads were in bad shape. They had begun to deteriorate Civil war unit test essay soon after the outset of the war, when many of the railroad employees headed north to join the Union war efforts.

Few of the railroads that existed in the South prior to were more than miles in length. The South had always been less enthusiastic about the railroad industry than the North; its citizens preferred an agrarian living and left the mechanical jobs to men from the Northern states.

The railroads existed, they believed, solely to get cotton to the ports. Questions Where did most of the railroad lines exist during the Civil War ? The south used railroads only as a way to 'get cotton to port', therefore, the south did not use railroads to their advantage.

How did the North use the railroads as an advantage? Industries could manufacture supplies quickly and easily using the assembly line methods and when combined with railroad distribution the North could supply weapons and materials to troops on the front lines.

The North had a greater advantage of supplies for troops because 90 percent of the nation's manufacturing output came from northern states. The North was able to produce 32 times more firearms! That means that for every rifles the south produced the north could produce 3,! Questions How could industries be an advantage in war times?

Who had the advantage of a strong industrial economy? This was inefficient and dangerous. Byhowever, there was another option: The most famous of these guns, the Spencer carbine, could fire seven shots in 30 seconds. Like many other Civil War technologies, these weapons were available to Northern troops but not Southern ones: Southern factories had neither the equipment nor the know-how to produce them.

How might advances in technology such as the Gatling Gun change the fighting style of the Revolutionary War? The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse inand telegraph wires soon sprang up all along the East Coast.

During the war, 15, miles of telegraph cable was laid purely for military purposes. Mobile telegraph wagons reported and received communications from just behind the frontline. President Lincoln would regularly visit the Telegraph Office to get the latest news.

The telegraph also enabled news sources to report on the war in a timely fashion, leading to an entirely new headache for the government: Questions How might the North using the telegraph be an advantage over the South, who used horse riding messengers to deliver messages?

Both recognized the importance of armor-cladding their ships. The first fight between iron clad ships of war, in Hampton Roads, March 9,in which the Monitor whipped the Merrimac and the whole school of Confederate steamers.

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Naval mines and torpedoes Naval mines were developed by the Confederates in the hopes of counteracting the Union's blockades of Southern ports. Mines and later, torpedoes, were very effective sinking 40 Union ships.

The success of these mines led to the creation of land mines and grenades that would be used in later wars. Life in the camps was hard and required food rations to be slim to none.

The crackers pictured above right were hard, flavorless and a survival food.Georgia's Role During the Civil War This Essay Georgia's Role During the Civil War and other 64,+ term papers, The elected delegates cast a test vote on January 18 and a secession vote on January The results of both were strongly pro-secession.

Georgia joined the Confederacy. The following link contains the 8th Grade GA Milestones Study/Resource Guide for Students and Parents.

This document, which is available from the Georgia Department of Education website, provides students and parents with information about the upcoming GA Milestones End of Grade Assessment and practice test questions.

Unit 7 – Study Guide. The Civil War.

Civil war unit test essay

Directions: Use this study guide to prepare you for the final exam over theCivil class assignments. Completed Study Guides are due right before the test. The test will be on _____!

Study your terms! They will all be on the test in a matching format. ESSAY (You are required to answer three out of. The Civil War is the first war in which railroads were a major factor.

The s had seen enormous growth in the railroad industry so that by , 22, miles of track had been laid in the Northern states and 9, miles in the South. Understanding by Design: Mountain Home High School Civil War and Reconstruction Estimated Amount of Instructional Time: ~15 days Stage 1 – (Desired Results) State Content and Skill Standards: Unit Test consisting of Multiple Choice, historical identification, short answer AND essays.

Unit 3 Study Guide: Ancient Greece and Rome World History; Unit 3 Study Guide: Ancient Greece and Rome World History.

Alexander the Great. Great military leader, conquered Persian empire. Constantine. A civil war between Sparta and Athens. Pax .

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