Chain of command army essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The Chain Of Command Essay Sample Abstract The management tools have been consistently remained changing since the advent of industrial revolution. Human has been exploring different techniques and models to manage its assets and operation effectively. However, the principles and theories formulated during the first quarter of 20th century are still being used as the base of each new management model.

Chain of command army essay example

More Essay Examples on Military Rubric Military Chain of Command Introduction The world is contracting day by day, which does not mean in physical perception, but in means of the resources that are available, as compared with the number of people that are using these resources in different parts of the world - Military Chain of Command Essay introduction.

Over years, a huge change in population has been observed by a number of experts during different studies and in this case, the need of a military command has been felt by almost population in the world.

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In this regard, we will try to define, discuss, and analyze different perspectives of chain of command in a military context. Issues that are related to the military command and its responsibilities, which are affecting millions of people around the world in different and various ways, will be discussed during the paper.

In a military context, the orders are passed along a long of authority, as well as, the responsibility, which is referred and known as the Chain of Command. Generally, a higher-ranker soldier will be the highest in the line of command, whereas, a lower-ranked soldier will be lowest and down the chain of command.

In other perception, the chain of command in a military context is ruled out by different senders and receivers. These constituents give and take orders to their juniors, and receives the same from their seniors respectively. A commissioned officer is an example of the higher-ranked soldier, who gives order.

On the other hand, a common soldier is the example of lower-ranked soldier, who takes order and performs accordingly. In generally, the chain of command only allows the orders to be given by the higher-ranked officers to the lower-ranked soldiers directly.

Similarly, orders must also be received directly from the higher-ranking officers. For instance, a common soldier is found to be in some difficulty related to the accomplishment of an order, and the chain of command is not observed by him. In addition, an officer of his direct command is skipped by him; he is likely to be disciplined, if a higher-ranked officer in his chain of command is confronted by this common soldier for his appeal directly, rather than communicating with the officer of his direct command.

In this way, the military chain of command is very strict and must be followed by every junior and senior soldier and officer in the military. A person is not entitled to give orders by the higher rank alone, which is implied by the concept of chain of command in the military.

For example, common soldiers of another unit cannot be commanded directly by an officer, who has been given a separate military unit, because, the chain of command is outside the authority and responsibility of the abovementioned exemplary higher-ranked officer.

In this regard, if the soldiers of another unit are wanted by the officer, it is generally expected that proper chain of command will be followed by him, that is, through approaching the designated officer of the specific military unit.

In the result, the military chain of command shows high amount of discipline, authority, regulation, as well as, the chastisement in its chain of command. History As we have briefly discussed the definition and concept of the chain of command, we will now understand the ranking system in the military.

In this regard, seniority and command is graded by a unique system of ranking within armed forces or military-style organizations, such as, cadet schools, etc. This type of grading system in the military perspective is known as the Military rank, and sometimes, it is commonly refer as Rank.

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Within the armed forces, the ranks or ranking system has been used and considered universally. However, this ranking system was abolished by some of the armies of the world, in order to re-establish their power and themselves during their difficulties of control and command.

The chain of command has also been found in the history of armed forces of different eras and regions according to the different studies and proofs of the ranking system in these military commands.

In this regard, some of the examples of the military armed forces, which used the concept of chain of command, were Persian armies, Greek army, Roman army, and Mongol army. Different and unique types of grading system were used by the abovementioned armies, who followed the concept of chain of command during their different military operations in different parts of the world.

It has also been found that the armed forces were used to make the chain of command according to the strength and power of an individual or a sect. In this way, the armed forces used the same strategy to accomplish their missions.

The Chain Of Command Essay Sample

However, there was just the difference of ranking systems in these military commands of the world. For instance, corporal came from the renaissance mercenary title, caporal.

Similarly, sergeant, general, as well as, the captain came from the French-language origins. Colonel, lieutenant, and marshal came from the era of the Napoleonic Wars.

Some of the specialist ranks and commands have come from the World War II. Three broad categories of personnel have been recognized by most of the modern military services.

chain of command army essay example

Geneva Conventions have codified these categories.Oct 23,  · For instance, European chain of command starts with the commander in chief of U.S.

forces in Europe, General of the Army, who is located in NATO Headquarters in Brussels and still stands as the supreme commander of the allied forces of NATO/5(3).

Army Importance Of Informing Chain Of Command. The Importance of Communication with your Chain of Command Communication is the foundation for sharing information between people to ensure that everything is understood and the correct action can be taken in a timely manner.

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Good communication is essential to complete the mission at hand. Chain Of Command Chain of Command in the Army is “the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a Military unit.” The building blocks of all any organizations the individual solider.

A chain of command helps to ensure that the safety of the stakeholders is always rendered by the executives so that the risk of safety is always contained in an immediate manner.

A chain of command indicates the authoritarian nature of the leaders of companies or institutions. Week 4 Chain of Command Essay Week 4 chain of command Nancy Folley Chamberlain College of Nursing Introduction Information passes up the chain of command and orders and commands are passed down the chain of command ("Chain.

Chain of Command Principle The chain of command, sometimes called the scaler chain, is the formal line of authority, communication, and responsibility within an organization.

The chain of command is usually depicted on an organizational chart, which identifies the superior and subordinate relationships in the organizational structure.

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