Analysis of pawn stars

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Analysis of pawn stars

Your pawn becomes a queen. If you had asked me what I was going to give this book after the first few chapters, without question, I would have said "1. This does not mean that the rest of the book was perfect, far from it, but the majority of the book was exceedingly better than the half-assed beginning that made me want to slap some fucking sense into our main character, Kitty Doe.

The book suffered from two main faults: Were it not for the excellent writing and the side characters, this book would have garnered a lower rating from me. I would not be so critical of the vague dystopian setting if not for Analysis of pawn stars fact that the plot hinges around that setting and the civil unrest resultant upon it.

Analysis of pawn stars

As such, the setting and premise failed for me. The most enjoyable part about this book was the portrayal of the side characters. I liked that their characters were not black and white, I liked that they are human, they make choices that are imperfect, but realistic, and I liked that they have a considerable amount of depth.

The supporting cast are certainly better, more credible characters than our main character and narrator herself. Kitty Doe has just turned 17 years old, and she is determined to die. These days, we would call it "suicide by cop. With that rank, she will not be allowed to live past 40 years, and she is destined to be a laborer, a sewage worker.

Rather than accept her fate, she chooses to die. Kitty steals a forbidden fruit, an orange, intending to be shot on the spot by Shieldsarmed guards who protect the peace.

Kitty changes her mind at the last minute, and decides to choose a life of prostitution rather than work as a sewage worker, no matter how much her loving boyfriend, Benjy a sweetheart of a boytries to change her mind.

At the brothel, Kitty's virginity is auctioned off, and she is "won" with an astounding sum of 30, goldthe highest anyone has ever received.

It turns out that the man who bought her is the country's Prime Minister, Daxton Hart.


She is given the opportunity to become a VII, the highest rank in society, if she agrees to play a role. Kitty is to become Daxton's recently killed or murdered niece, Lila Hart. But it's not as simple as becoming another person. Lila was not simply a pampered politician princess, she is an outspoken, activist, protesting against what she felt was the wrongs of her family's rule.

Before she died, Lila wanted the past back, she wants the Ranking system abolished, she wants equality for America's citizens. Kitty has to become Lila, and play a role as a pawn within the twisted politics of the Hart family.

The setting can only be described as shoddy. Let's get one thing straight: This book failed in that standard.

Analysis of pawn stars

Kitty is a poor narrator in that she knows, or is willing to tell us, almost nothing about the past. When Kitty got the chance at gaining more knowledge to Lila's cause while playing Lila, she did not take advantage of the situation to learn any more about the supposed society that she is supposed to be trying to save.

All we know of the past is that America ran out of resources. Some people were killed. I don't buy it one bit. For one thing, America is fucking overfed, we have natural resources and viable farmlands up the fucking yin-yang. Ever taken a look at the heartlands of America? Chock full of farmlands and major farming corporations just planting corn and shit all over the damn place.

We can manufacture pretty much anything out of it. We can pretty much keep American fed on manufactured food alone. It may not be a nutritious state of living, but corn will keep us, and the pigs, fed. High Fructose Corn Syrup will keep America fat and happy until an asteroid crashes into us.

A shortage of food?Feb 24,  · "Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in . Toyota, Audi Prepping Self-Driving Cars. News & Analysis.

Pawn Stars, Storage Wars Headed to Amazon Prime in A+E Deal. About the Author. Adario Strange Reporter. More From Adario. pawn 1 (pôn) n. 1. Something given as security for a loan; a pledge or guaranty. 2. The condition of being held as a pledge against the payment of a loan: jewels in pawn.

3. A person serving as security; a hostage. 4. The act of pawning. tr.v.

Pawn Stars

pawned, pawn·ing, pawns 1. To give or deposit (personal property) as security for the payment of money. Mar 12,  · 'Pawn Stars': 13 Things You Didn't Know About Chumlee, Rick And Corey Season 6 of "Pawn Stars" airs at 10 p.m. ET on History in the US, and premieres on . 'Pawn Stars Poker Run' Benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada REGISTER TO JOIN RICK HARRISON..

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