A personal narrative about a nightmare music therapy and happiness good decoration brings

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A personal narrative about a nightmare music therapy and happiness good decoration brings

The out of control budget deficit and the economic mismanagement had finally caught up with the arrogant government and the nation fell.

A personal narrative about a nightmare music therapy and happiness good decoration brings

The big corporations agreed to bail the country out, if they could install their technocratic government, to put things to right. Then the country would be allowed to return to democracy. Whether the power hungry elite would return the nation to democracy, was moot. The next winter, the long predicted Asian flu decimated millions of people, plunging the nation into despair and chaos.

The infrastructure of many of the great cities collapsed into anarchy and bloodshed. Rioting led to ultra-violence as the government tried to clamp down. And soon, the nation was embroiled in a civil war between the haves and the have-nots.

The power elite subdued the poor with their superior firepower and resources. The corporations used the conflict to entrench a plutocracy as the form of government, with them in charge and then proceeded to rebuild the nation in their image and to satisfy their insatiable greed and lusts.

Soon after taking control, a eugenics programme was introduced to cull certain elements of society that were not productive enough to serve the new masters. In reality the programme used standard breeding techniques and drugs to create a population of lower intelligence humans with the characteristics of meat livestock.

A personal narrative about a nightmare music therapy and happiness good decoration brings

The public was told that a new breed of animal had been created for use as a meat animal and farms were set up to breed and raise these animals. When a shortage of human livestock occurred, the public, now used to the idea of eating these sub humans, without feelings, emotions or souls, was easily persuaded that criminals could be converted into the sub-human class by conditioning and drug therapies and then these animals could then be added to the meat herds.

They easily convinced the majority, that it was a just and productive end for the deviants of society. The farms thrived; providing a source of food for the elite that the elite kept for themselves.

Prices soon rose to levels that most people could not afford. To keep the public on side, human meat was made available to the public, at affordable prices, on festive occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The meat was advertised as a rare delicacy that denoted power and wealth. The public believed that they were experiencing the good life when they partook of this delicacy and did all they could to get more of the prized meat.

When mad cow struck the bovine industry many farmers were forced to raise this new meat animal. They found that it was generally easier to raise this new livestock and the financial returns were enormous compared to cattle. So the farms grew in number.

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- Personal Narrative- Most Memorable Christmas Ever since I could remember, I have spent Christmas at my grandmother’s house, a house which is full of comfort, warmth, and happiness.

At Christmas, I have always been able to escape the cold and dark real world allowing myself to truly enjoy just several moments in time. add site description.

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